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Herring Festival 2016



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Join us for Sausalito Community Boating Center's annual Herring Festival fundraiser.

This year's online celebration is hosted by Emmy winning producer, entertainment reporter and film critic Jan Wahl, with Herring Stories told by Fisherman and Bay Area author Ernie Koepf, and of course live sea shanty music performed by our favorite local band, The Fishwives.

Demonstrations graciously provided by our great local Sausalito restaurant partners:

Fish Restaurant, known for their amazing sustainable seafood in the historic Marinship

Angelino Restaurant, rusitc southern italian cuisine with modern flair, warm hospitality, and breathtaking Bay views

Davey Jones Deli, awarded Best Vegetarian in Marin by Marin Magazine, Top 10 in Marin over 10 years by KQED Check Please, Small Business of the Year by the Sausalito Chamber of Commerce

Osteria DiVino, our own little Italy on Caledonia Street with top-notch jazzy music talent

and a mixology demonstration by Hanson Distillery of Sonoma, crafters of delicious artisan organic, grape-based, gluten-free vodkas (not to mention Wiskey and the best hand sanatizer in in town)

UP2020 SCBC Herring Celebration - January 29th at the Bay Model

Yes, we are the fun-loving folks who present the Annual SCBC Sausalito Herring Celebration fundraiser every January.  This is a lively event on the Sausalito waterfront to celebrate the fishing and maritime history of Sausalito, to promote the SCBC agenda of environmental stewardship and education…and to raise funds for SCBC!  Ever wonder about all the ruckus on the water every January with seals barking and birds diving?  The herring fishery is the only commercial fishery inside the Golden Gate Bridge, and Richardson Bay is one of the last places that herring spawn in California.  Herring are critical to the ecology of Richardson Bay Sanctuary, and beyond, as an essential prey item for marine birds, whales, seals and larger fish such as salmon. Eel grass beds in Richardson Bay act as a nursery to these baby fish.  Come learn all about it, and truly ‘eat local’ by enjoying tasty dishes made with this shiny fish from right off our shore – served up by some of your favorite local chefs.  

End of January is time to celebrate our local herring and support SCBC at Cass Gidley! We will once again provide the opportunity to see a great film, enjoy tasty herring dishes from local chefs, and hear some lively tunes – all while supporting development of the Sausalito Community Boating Center at Cass Gidley Marina.

  • View "The Raft" the film that features our own Mary Gidley on film! This fascinating documentary uses archival footage and a recreated set, assembling the surviving participants to discuss this controversial, 45-year-old experiment that was hyperbolically lambasted by the media as “The Sex Raft.” Her son Memo provides an insightful write up on it here:
  • Join a post-film conversation with us
  • Enjoy lively musical entertainment by Sea Forager's sea shanty quartet The Fishwives!  Back by popular demand! (
  • Indulge in delicious herring dishes presented by Sausalito restaurants.  Davey Jones Deli, FISH, Joinery, Angelino's and Patagonia Provisions
  • Tour the Matthew Turner Tall Ship built right here in Sausalito by the Educational Tall Ship and parked in the waters in front of the Bay Model
  • AND hear the latest about the SCBC at Cass Gidley Marina project which is happily under construction!

This event is a fundraiser to support Phase I renovation of the SCBC site at Cass Gidley Marina.  This vital work will provide safe access to the water so we may begin programming, and is expected to begin this Winter.

SCBC Herring Celebration 2017 – January 29th at the Bay Model

The 2017 SCBC Herring Celebration will feature a screening of “Of The Sea”, a local award-winning film by Misha Hedges about fishermen, seafood and ocean sustainability.

The event will also include a talk with the filmmakers, a very brief presentation on the SCBC at Cass Gidley Marina project, and of course tasty herring dishes from some of your favorite local restaurants – Fish, Osteria Divino, Restaurant Angelino, Chef Dr Davey Jones and the new Joinery. As always, should our little fishy friends choose not to show up or spawn on time (they like to keep us in suspense every year) our chefs will be serving equally delectable dishes, several with local seafood. Fort Point Brew Co. will pour beer. Dry Creek Vineyards wine will be offered. Local artist Brian Andrews will be on hand to discuss his work, currently on display at the Bay Model.

This event is a fundraiser for Phase I of renovating the SCBC site at Cass Gidley Marina, which is expected to begin in Spring.

SCBC Herring Celebration 2016

Join us to celebrate the little silvery fish that comes to Richardson Bay by the thousands each year and sustains the last commercial fishery in San Francisco Bay – right off our shore!  This is a lively festival on the Sausalito waterfront to celebrate the fishing and maritime history of Sausalito, and to promote the SCBC agenda of environmental stewardship and education.  Enjoy delicious food, free live music, kids’ activities, and environmental and historical exhibits.  Purchase a tasting plate to sample a variety of herring delicacies prepared by local award-winning chefs.  Come enjoy the music, learn all about the herring, our local bay ecology, and the future Sausalito Community Boating Center at Cass Gidley Marina!

Musical entertainment includes:   Salty Walt & the Rattlin’ Ratlines, The Trolley Drops, The Fishwives, The Newcastle Brothers, The Blenders, The Bohemian Highway.

Participating restaurants include:
Fish, Angelino’s, Davey Jones Catering & Deli, Osteria Divino, Passionfish, Real Good Fish, and Walzwerk.
Enjoy beverages from Dry Creek Vineyard, Tricycle Winery Rosé for the Bay, Lagunitas Brewery, Driver’s Market, Philz Coffee and more!

Exhibitors include:
Oceana, Sea Forager, Marine Mammal Center, Audubon Societies Marin and Richardson Bay, Point Blue Conservation Science, Spaulding Wooden Boat Center, California Fish and Wildlife.

SCBC Herring Celebration 2015

Thank you to everyone who helped out at the Sausalito Herring Festival, all the restaurants and chefs, musicians, non-profit guests, all the volunteers, and all of the people who came to enjoy a beautiful day by the Bay in celebration of a small silvery fish! It was a smashing hit that helped raise over $8000 towards our ADA compliant ramp! THANK YOU!

Sausaltio Summer Sailstice 2015

We’re doing it again: yes we are crazy enough to show outdoor movies on the longest day of the year – why not? We’ll have more light for entertainment and dinner before the show!

Wooden Boat Octoberfest 2015

Beer, wine, bratwurst, good music, good friends, in a cool environment at the Sausalito waterfront.

SCBC Herring Celebration 2014

Sunday, February 9, 2014 from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. rain or shine at Gabrielson Park on the Sausalito waterfront, next to the ferry landing.
The Sausalito Herring Festival will showcase food, beverages, information, and entertainment from the surrounding Richardson Bay. Kids enjoy plenty of activities, including a tour of the historic and present-day herring boats. A taster plate will allow you to sample a variety of herring recipes prepared by some of Sausalito’s award-winning restaurants, while listening to local musicians including some special guests.  All food and beverage sales will go to benefit the Sausalito Community Boating Center at Cass Gidley Marina, a 501(C)(3) non-profit organization.

Sausaltio Summer Sailstice 2014

Dinner and a movie. Movie at 8:30: Maidentrip

SCBC Herring Celebration 2013

Why a Herring Festival?
In our mission statement for Cass Gidley Marina – Sausalito Community Boating Center we talk – amongst other things – about engaging and educating the public about our rich maritime history, being an advocate for environmental awareness and building waterfront community.
Being the last commercial fishery left in SF Bay, and one that can often be closely observed from the Sausalito water’s edge, the Herring Festival felt to us the perfect way of promoting these parts of our mission.
We want to include the fishery itself, tell people what they see, what the history is, the process. There used to be a fish dock right here in Sausalito, and many people remember it, now most don’t even know what the fish is caught for and how it’s regulated etc.
Many of the fishermen and women travel from far just for this 2 months season, then they disappear until next year, we never get to meet them. Some are local, but their boats are in San Francisco. We hope to meet them here.
Many of the Sausalito population hear the ruckus on the water, birds diving, seals hunting, but what does it all mean? Modern life severs the connection to nature more and more. We’d like to bring some of it back, to better take care of the environment.
Lastly, we feel it important to know where our food comes from, be open to new culinary adventures, have all food be sustainable and with a low carbon footprint. Luckily, this is catching on and we hope by promoting this little shiny fish and all that has to do with it with our festival, to reach even more folks.
There is numbers of small fish that only get caught to feed the big farmed fish. How many pound of herring do you need to get one pound of farmed salmon, how about farmed tuna? Where is the biodiversity going with this practice? Couldn’t we eat a pound of herring instead and help the wild salmon along. We hope to address some of these questions and concerns during this event as well.

And we want to raise funds for Cass Gidley Marina – Sausalito Community Boating Center, because we still need to get the money for an ADA ramp to make access to Richardson Bay for everyone possible.

Boatrides and BBQ

In 2012 and 2013 we organized this free event in the park to raise awareness and funds, and build community. In 2014/15 we were too busy with the site renovation and legalese issues. We’ll be back at Cass Gidley Marina proper once that work is done. Stay tuned for other free community events.