Our Mission

Sausalito Community Boating Center (SCBC) at Cass Gidley Marina is a 501(c)(3) non-profit established to create and maintain a community place that

Provides affordable access to boats & the water

Preserves our maritime heritage through education and skill-building

Promotes environmental stewardship of our local bay ecosystem

Our mission is to preserve a gathering place on Sausalito’s waterfront to engage and educate the public about our rich maritime history and small craft heritage through affordable direct experience.

It is our vision that those we serve will leave educated and inspired!



A primary focus of SCBC will be to provide affordable access and education.  We will offer waterfront education and recreation for all abilities through Sausalito Parks and Recreation.  Maritime skills training on the water will target local youth and underserved community members.  Experiential youth learning programs in collaboration with local schools will use a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math)-based curriculum.  Through our partnership with Spaulding Marine Center, we will offer youth boatbuilding programs.  Imagine learning math or science by building a boat and navigating on the water!  Our programs will be based on the Teaching With Small Boats (TWSBA) learning model. 



SCBC at Cass Gidley Marina occupies a beautiful site on Sausalito’s historic waterfront – surrounded by maritime tradition and expertise.   Boatbuilding, maritime trades, commercial fishing, sailing and rowing are all part of an active waterfront community.  We will preserve our local maritime heritage by offering classes and boat rentals using traditional wooden sail and rowboats. Our site will be a place for community gatherings that promote Sausalito’s rich maritime history and small craft heritage. Through continued collaboration with local maritime businesses, we’ll promote our waterfront traditions and maritime job skill-building.



Our location also offers exceptional exposure to a rich marine habitat.  We are centrally located near the nine hundred acre Richardson Bay Sanctuary, a dynamic tidal estuary with thousands of species of migrating birds and diverse sea life. Richardson Bay eelgrass beds are the nursery and spawning ground of local herring among other species.  This provides a rich educational and experiential setting to instill environmental stewardship values in our community and youth, while helping to preserve our local marine ecosystem.



Our vision will soon start to come to life!  While there is little evidence at our marina site, things have been happening behind the scenes.  We have:

• Secured our lease with the City of Sausalito (unanimous Council approval)

• Completed 90% of site engineering and architectural plans

• Raised over $150,000 in monetary and in-kind support

• Secured several development grants including the Sausalito Youth Sailing Foundation, Sausalito Lions Club, the Solid Foundation, and Rotary Club of Sausalito

• Developed our board and advisors to expand our network and skill set

• Produced a favorite local annual event and successful fundraiser – the Annual SCBC Herring Celebration

• Continued to build a strong network of community support and partnerships.



Most recently we are focused on completing the permitting, and raising the funds, for “Phase I: Access” of our site renovation.  Phase I is a critical milestone for the project – because it will provide us safe access to the water – and will allow us to begin pilot programs on our own site.  The permitting process is taking some time, as we are working closely to align with key agencies (e.g. BCDC – Bay Conservation and Development Commission) and nearby related projects (e.g. Dunphy Park).

• Phase I project construction complete (abutment, ramp, docks) and Dumphy park reopening – 2020

• Phase I project construction initiated – Winter 2019

• Phase I passed Design Review with the City of Sausalito Planning commission – unanimously – January 2017

     • Aligned with Dunphy Park Master Plan and BCDC to support Phase I plans

     • Building Permit submitted and in final stages with City of Sausalito